Indica Radio Vol. 17 - rayreck.

We are excited to bring back the queen rayreck. for another Indica Radio guest mix. rayreck. is an exceptionally talented DJ, Producer, and MC hailing from the Bay Area

With the Indica Radio series we provide the most chill, eclectic, cutting-edge Instrumental Hip-Hop from around the globe. Be sure to tune in to hear new sounds that will help you achieve a higher vibration. Thank you all for listening!

Artwork created by Manuel Angel

Artwork created by Manuel Angel


swindali- blues
tate robertson #5
saib- when it rains
knghts- back at it
manny x erotas - raindrops
flavors- serenity
chromecharlie- wintertime
Flori x Oxela - h u n t i n g s e a s o n
cmilli- dont go
cram- shade
harlow- rain
mousam- flicker
rayreck- slicker
Os Group - Broke
Tropicalia - Youtaro
goon- tool-e-yo
Noisia- whiskers
co.fee- tiki god
maitro- bossanova
yogisoul- raw delivery
dancing in the rain (badu mash) - ?

Mixed and hosted by rayreck. 
Curated by rayreck.